Pipe Beveling and Chamfering Machines

Our ChamferMate® high production chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines are designed for incredibly easy setup and operation. Their heavy duty construction and quality components are utilized to provide our customers with years of dependable service. The ChamferMate® pipe beveling and chamfering machines are design to withstand the harshest of environments and the toughest of applications. We offer four different ChamferMate® models that include a wide range of diameters and applications such as chamfering, pipe beveling, and deburring.

Benefits of our chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines include:

  • No more hand-grinding or torching of weld bevels
  • Automated pipe beveling machines are many times faster than portable units
  • Cycle normally in the 5-20 second range
  • Safer than handgrinding
  • Accurately machines weld bevel and faces pipe square
  • Sturdy construction and quality materials for years of dependable service
  • Pipe beveling machines have low operating costs and virtually no maintenance






Features of our chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines include:


  • Machines available for ½" up to 8" OD pipe or tubing
  • Adjustable cutter head quickly set with gauges
  • Uses standard off-the-shelf carbide inserts. Tooling is available for custom angles and J-bevels
  • Interchangeable grips for different size pipe or tubing
  • Electronic variable-speed drive
  • Heavy-duty spindle that rides on machine tool-type linear ball rails
  • Totally enclosed cutting area to protect the operator
  • Large chip drawer for easy waste removal


C3A ChamferMate®

The Model C3A ChamferMate® is a compact chamfering / beveling / deburring machine that features a rigid one-piece ductile iron vise, top plate and spindle housing, linear ball rails, a heavy-duty three-bearing spindle and...

C5A ChamferMate®

The Model C5A ChamferMate® is a larger version of our C3A with the same features. It has a 5" inch OD capacity and is ideally used for chamfering, deburring or beveling pipe and tubing up to 3/8" wall thickness.

C5H ChamferMate®

The Model C5H ChamferMate® is a heavy duty hydraulic powered beveling machine with up to 5 inch OD capacity.

C8H ChamferMate®

The Model C8H ChamferMate® is a heavy duty hydraulic powered beveling machine with up to 8-3/4" OD capacity.

Custom ChamferMate®

If one of our standard machines does not meet your requirements, Manufacturing Solutions Industries can design and manufacture a custom machine for you. Custom tooling, vises, strokes, and frames can be supplied.

  • Saves time – stationary pipe beveling machines are many times faster than other methods such as hand grinding, flame cutting, hand held bevelers, or loading into a lathe.
  • No more dirty operations such as hand grinding or torching.
  • Consistent, accurate pipe bevels each time, will face the end of the pipe square and bevel or deburr ID as needed.
  • The cycle time is normally in the 5 to 20 second range depending on size
  • Eliminates ergonomic issues from operator handling hand tools when beveling pipe
  • Safer than hand grinding or torching, all chips are contained within the machine.
  • Low operating cost, uses mostly industry standard carbide tooling
  • Easily bevels stainless and materials not suitable for torching.
  • Creates special forms such as J-bevels easily.
  • Can be operated by a non skilled operator once it is setup.