Where are your machines manufactured?
100% Made in the USA! All of our machinery is manufactured at our facility located in Beaumont, TX.

Can we see a machine in operation?
Many of our customers are receptive to letting potential customers into their plants to view our machinery in action. If you are interested, we will contact the customer to receive permission to visit.

Can you run sample parts?
Depending on the application, we can run sample parts and video the operation. In some cases, we must make custom tooling for which there will be a charge.

What is the location of our facility?
9485 College St. Beaumont, TX 77707 USA

Do you have representatives in our area?
Manufacturing Solutions Industries does not have exclusive territorial representatives. The majority of our sales are handled out of the home office. We do have sales engineers, in a number of local areas that can help you with your project if needed. We also can make arrangements for someone from the home office to visit, depending on the project.

What is your delivery time?
Delivery is always based on our current workload after receipt of an order and deposit.

Do you stock replacement parts?
Yes, we do. Though all of our machinery is manufactured in Beaumont, we do receive some parts from high quality overseas suppliers. We typically always have these stocked and on hand for quick order.

Do you have any references?
We have many customers who have been extremely pleased with our machinery; we would be more than happy to supply you with a reference for any of them.

What is your shipping policy?
All freight cost will be borne by the customer, FOB MSII’s plant in Beaumont, TX. All orders will be shipped freight collect unless the customer requests Pre Pay and Add. Most machines are crated for LTL shipment.

How easy is your machinery to set up and get going?
Set up is extremely easy. If you do have any issues we provide machinery manuals and will assist via phone.

What skill level of employee can run the machine?
Any non-skilled worker can actually run the machine. It does not require any special training.

Do you sell used machinery?
We typically do not have any used machinery available. Our customers tend to keep their machinery for many years and therefore there is never any used machinery to sell. There are some cases in which we will acquire a used machine but this is very, very rare.

What is your warranty on your machinery?
MSII warrants for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment that articles and materials furnished under this order will be free from defects in material and workmanship and be fit for the purpose intended. For components purchased by MSII for use on or in conjunction with the equipment subject of this order, MSII will extend to the buyer the same warranty as provided by the manufacturer of the purchased components. During the warranty period, MSII shall repair or replace free of charges any parts that are defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not include labor to replace defective parts. If inspection of the parts does not disclose any defect in workmanship or materials, repairs will be made at a reasonable charge. Warranty does not apply to expendable tooling. For warranty to be valid, all required maintenance as specified in the operations manuals for the machine by must completed in a timely manner and be documented by the buyer. Components damaged by operator-induced errors are not covered by the warranty.

Will your Model C3A ChamferMate® chamfer as well as mark the end of a stud?
No. This process would require using our MM-24 MarkMate® along with the C3A.

Is the chamfer angle adjustable?
No, it is fixed. However, we can produce custom tooling to fulfill just about any requirement, including compound bevels and radii, for both the inside and outside diameters.

Can your ChamferMate® machinery be run on single phase electrical power?
We can supply the C3A and the C5A set up to run on 240VAC, single phase power. However, it is an additional cost and cannot be easily changed once in the field. The C5H and C8H are not available as single phase.

Can you supply your ChamferMate® machinery with a UL label, a CSA approval, or a CE approval?
Yes. For an additional charge we can have the machine(s) inspected here prior to shipping.