FeedMate® Parts Feeder

FeedMate® is a Heavy Duty Parts Feeder for orientating and feeding cylindrical parts into Thread Rollers, Chamfering Machines, Cylindrical Grinders and similar machines. Each feeder is custom designed to fit your production requirements.

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Capable of feeding tubing blanks ½” to 1-1/2” diameter, 2” to 24” long
  • Feeder box will be made from ½” plate
  • The feeder will have lifting plates made of abrasion resistant plate approximately 400 BHN and guided by linear bushings on each side to maintain alignment.
  • Power for the feeder plates will be from a 2 HP 220/440-3-60 motor through a heavy duty gearbox. A frequency drive with external adjustment will be used to allow the speed of the plates to be adjustable and also to provide a soft start for the plates.
  • The conveyor will have a 3/4 HP motor mounted to a worm gear reducer.
  • The conveyor chain will be a hardened steel silent type, 1” wide and will run at a fixed speed.
  • Parts will transfer axially off the end of the conveyor to downstream equipment.
  • The feed rate of parts will be in the 30 PPM range, this is largely dependent on the length of parts.


Available Options

  • Casters and locking pins
  • Escapement mechanism on the end of the conveyor to transfer parts 90 degrees off the side of the conveyor to downstream equipment