C8H ChamferMate®

Pipe Beveling and Deburring Machine

The Model C8H ChamferMate® is a heavy duty hydraulic powered pipe beveling machine with up to 8-3/4" OD capacity. With 20 HP, the C8H has the power to machine weld bevels and other forms on the end of heavy wall pipe and tubing within its range. It is a top choice for UA Pipefitters JACT Apprenticeship programs, Trade Schools and Community Colleges for preparing weld test and training coupons.

Model C8H ChamferMate® Standard Features

  • Adjustable from 1" up to 8" pipe diameters
  • Accurately machines weld bevel and faces pipe square
  • Fast cycle times, normally under 20 seconds
  • Adjustable cutter head with interchangeable carbide inserts set with digital calipers
  • Interchangeable grips for different sizes of pipe, tubing and solid bar
  • Electronic variable speed drive
  • Heavy duty construction utilizing machine tool-type linear rails
  • Hydraulic powered clamping and feed
  • Coolant system
  • Large chip drawer in machine base
  • Premier machine for manufacturing super heavy wall coupons
  • Most robust machine
  • Workhorse
  • Standard tooling, most cases several hundred to several thousand of cycles before replacing
  • Pipe fabrication, constriction, refrigeration, mechanical contractors, petrochemical, military

Pipe & Tube Beveling Benefits

Benefits of our chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines include:

  • No more hand-grinding or torching of weld bevels
  • Automated pipe beveling machines are many times faster than portable units
  • Cycle time 12-20 Seconds
  • Safer than hand grinding
  • Accurately machines weld bevel and faces pipe square
  • Sturdy construction and quality materials for years of dependable service
  • Pipe beveling machines have low operating costs